Fall leaves nail decals

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Colorful autumn leaves nail decals
They are very easy in use and perfect for creating quick and easy nail designs. Suitable for both natural and false nails.
Package: one sheets approx.5,5x12,5cm
Decals: 20+ decals
Pattern: fall leaves

!!! IMPORTANT  NO individual packaging. All $0.99 nail decals are packed in one opp bag + paper card

1. Apply the base nail polish of your choice and let it dry
2. Cut out the desired decal and take off protecting film
3. Put it in a room temperature water for approx. 30sec until the decal separates easily from the back paper
4. Place the decal on your nail in a desired position, excess can be easily removed with polish remover and cleaning brush
5. Dab the excess water gently pressing it and let it dry
6. Cover the decal with a good layer of a top coat to protect it